DAM TOYS 1/6 GK006 Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 3 Butcher Knife

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DAM TOYS 1/6 GK006 Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 3 Butcher Knife

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2.Action bady
3.Tan imitated fur coats
4.Long sleeve black v-neck t-shirts
5.Black leather pants
6.Black motorcycle tank top
7.Knife set up on the shoulders
8.Straight knife x2
9.machetes(On the left)+The knife set+Two knife
10.machetes(On the right)+The knife set+Two knife
11.Silver fly knife x3
12.A black belt
13.High barrels of cowboy boots(A pair)
14.The left hand wristbands
15.The right hand wrist support
16.Palm (3)three
17.The necklace

2 in stock

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The 3 of diamonds, Juarez, is born in Mexico. He was the boss of the Scorpion family, before one man, “the mad dog” betrayed him and sent him behind bars. He got out of prison with the help of a little cash, but all the gang members loyal to him were already eliminated by the mad dog. Juarez no longer had his prestige, and when his own gang started hunting him, he chose to fight back. Juarez returned to the gang with eleven knives in his coat, left behind a bloodbath and mad dog hanging by his own intestines. This incident caused an earthquake in the underworld of Mexico, eventually several gangs joined together wanting Juarez dead, left him no choice but smuggling into the United States. He joined the Diamond family, the K of Diamonds showed him enough appreciation, but only gave him a card of 3. This was good enough for the poor desperate Juarez. but he has not received any respect ever since. The 2 of Diamonds saw this opportunity; By his extraordinary fighting skill, he soon earned Juarez’s obedience. 2 got the loyalty of Juarez, as well as Juarez’s flying knife skill.

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