DAM TOYS 1/6 GK005 Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 2

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DAM TOYS 1/6 GK005 Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 2

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2.Action bady
3.Black fur collar fur coats
4.Long sleeve black T-shirt
5.Black trousers
6.Black waist chain wallet
7.Knuckle Duster
8.High barrel boots(one pair)
10.Fly knife x4
11.Leather wallet
12.The belt
13.Silver necklace
14.The left hand wristbands+Palm
15.The right hand wrist support+Palm
16.Palm (3)three

2 in stock

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The Diamond family is the strongest and most ambitious one among the four gang families, its members includes Australians, Mexicans and Europeans. Alger, the 2 of diamonds, is the key that changes the power pattern of the four families. He used to be the sidekick of the J of Spades. Alger’s father was a follower of Ogier’s father, the K of Spades, and earned his credits during the rising of Spade family. His father was very loyal to the K of spades, but as his position in the family rose, he eventually started to make plans for his own heir in the fear of nepotism in the family. He gave Alger hard training ever since he was a little child, so that Alger could assist the J of spades becoming the family successor in the coming years. Alger would betray the Spade family and join the Diamonds instead.

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