DAM 1/6 GK001MX Gangster Kingdom Spades J Memory

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DAM 1/6 GK001MX Gangster Kingdom Spades J Memory

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2.Action bady
3.Black hat
4.White shirt
5.A red tie
6.Black vest
7.Black leather trench coat
8.Black trousers
9.Black socks
10.Black and white shoes(1) PAIR
11.Glove Palm(1) PAIR
12.AR-7 Explorer
13.AR-7 8round mag
14.AR-7 15round mag
15.G17 pistol
16.G17 17round mag
17.G17 19round mag
18.G17 31round mag
19.Black round sunglasses
21.long scarf
22.Large black leather bag

5 in stock

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Spades J memory article funeral For professional hitmen, each and every one of their job memories is a nightmare. They are haunted all their life by their victims, breaking into their dreams, screaming, until they wake up in cold sweat. Fragment of memory begins with a politician’s funeral. It was a damp and cold afternoon; rain drizzling from the dusky sky. Many people arrived at the cemetery, representing the underworld as well as the legal world. A bloated man walked into the centre of picture, his name was George, known as g the Otterh, a well-known middleman, and good relationship in both worlds. George and 2 of Diamond’s deceased father had close contact, plotting the eradication of Spades family, by joining the power of both the black and white world.

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Weight 2000 g


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